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Max Jarvie joins the BLG Privacy and Data Protection Group

BLG is very proud to welcome Max Jarvie in the Privacy and Data Protection Group. He will be advising and assisting clients on a wide range of issues, including privacy and anti-spam, distributed ledger technology (blockchain), information security, licensing and consumer protection matters. Max brings a strong technical and blockchain legal expertise. Before studying law, he worked in information […] Read more

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Formation de 3 heures à Montréal – Cybersécurité et vie privée des employés

J’offrirai, avec mon associée Katherine Poirier, une formation de 3 heures au début du mois de novembre en matière de cybersécurité et vie privée des employés. Le vol d’informations confidentielles est un fléau en pleine croissance. Il devient donc essentiel de connaître le cadre juridique, d’identifier les risques afférents et de développer les outils nécessaire […] Read more

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Privacy and Data Protection Luncheon (Toronto Sept. 27th): GDPR, new breach notification and consent requirements

BLG is organizing a privacy luncheon on September 27th in Toronto. Privacy and data protection continue to be top business and legal risks for Canadian organizations. Recent legal developments impose significant new restrictions and requirements for the handling of personal information, and expose Canadian organizations to potentially substantial risks and liabilities. I will be presenting […] Read more

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Séminaire en protection de la vie privée le 26 septembre à Montréal: RGPD, nouvelles obligations relatives aux atteintes à la sécurité et à l’obtention du consentement

BLG organise un séminaire sur le respect de la vie privée et la protection des renseignements personnels le mercredi 26 septembre 2018 à notre bureau de Montréal. Le respect de la vie privée et la protection des renseignements personnels figurent toujours parmi les plus grands risques commerciaux et juridiques auxquels sont exposées les entreprises canadiennes. Je […] Read more

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Loss of Legal Privilege over Cyberattack Investigation Report (Kaplan v. Casino Rama Services)

Cyber incident response activities often involve the creation of forensic investigation reports that might be protected by legal privilege, depending on the purpose of the reports and the circumstances surrounding their creation and use. The 2018 Ontario Superior Court decision in Kaplan v. Casino Rama Services illustrates how an organization can lose the right to […] Read more

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Privacy Business Risks on the Rise: Privacy Concerns can Lead to Significant Loss in Market Value

Business risks resulting from consumer privacy concerns are on the rise. Last week, Facebook and Twitter reported second quarter results which revealed that both companies lost a significant number of active users due to privacy and data protection concerns. Their stock price plummeted by approximately 20 per cent each, resulting in a combined loss in market […] Read more

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Public Facebook Profiles Not Equivalent to Public Information Under PIPEDA

In its most recent report of findings entitled “Company’s re-use of millions of Canadian Facebook user profiles violated privacy law,” the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (the “OPC”) dealt with the often confusing issue of personal information that is publicly available and confirmed its view that Facebook profiles that are set to public are not considered “publicly […] Read more

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Settlement of Alleged CASL Violation – Text Messages Sent Without Consent or Prescribed Information

On May 1, 2018, the Canadian Radio-television and Tele-communications Commission announced that the companies operating the 514-BILLETS ticket resale business agreed to pay $100,000 as part of a voluntary settlement of alleged violations of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (commonly known as “CASL”) regarding the sending of text messages without the recipient’s consent and without prescribed information about the […] Read more

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Canadian Personal Information Security Breach Obligations – Preparing for Compliance

Commencing November 1, 2018, Canada’s federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”) will require an organization that suffers a “breach of security safeguards” involving personal information under its control to keep prescribed records of the breach and, if the breach presents a “real risk of significant harm to an individual”, to promptly report […] Read more