BLG releases Québec privacy compliance guide for private sector businesses

As you may already know, the new Québec privacy law requirements following the adoption of Bill 64 come into force starting next year. Québec is taking the lead by being the first jurisdiction to update its privacy legislation, bringing it closer in line with the landmark European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. This privacy reform introduces significant changes and new enforcement powers for the Quebec privacy regulator, including important fines and penalties.

All organizations that have operations, customers or employees in Québec may be interested in our guide: Quebec Privacy Law Reform: Compliance Guide for Organizations that highlights the changes, analyzes the new requirements and provides our firm’s practical perspective on what steps should be undertaken to comply and avoid hefty fines.

You can download the Guide from our website (the Guide is available in English and in French).

This content has been updated on May 2, 2024 at 13 h 12 min.