BLG Webinar on New Canadian Consumer Privacy Framework – Impact for Business

On November 17, the Federal Government introduced the Digital Charter Implementation Act (Bill C-11), which proposes to modernize Canada’s private sector privacy framework. The Bill will notably replace PIPEDA’s privacy provisions, Canada’s current privacy law, with a newly enacted Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA), which could significantly impact businesses operating in the private sector.

The legislation would give the federal privacy commissioner order-making powers, which would result in an increase in consequences for non-compliance and steeper fines for violations.

Join our national team of Privacy experts on November 23rd at 3pm ET for an overview of how the Bill could impact your organization and what changes you may have to make to ensure compliance.

Our experts will also highlight how the Bill differs from Canada’s current privacy framework (PIPEDA) and from the recent amendments proposed to Quebec privacy law (Bill 64). They will also provide insights as to how the Bill compares to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the California’s Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). Our team will be available to answer your questions about the Bill.

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