Managing Privacy in a Connected World Webinar Series – October sessions

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, data protection and privacy issues continue to create an increasing number of business, legal and reputational risks. From smart technologies and artificial intelligence to issues around global compliance, digital consent and online reputations, organizations will need to understand the legal frameworks and best practices to navigate these issues and remain secure.

Please join us for a number of presentations in October that will bring together leaders and experts in a variety of fields who will share their knowledge and insights on how to best manage privacy in an increasingly connected world.

Internet of Things : October 15
During this session, Edona Villa and Francois Joli-Coeur will share their thoughts on the IoT ecosystem and associated legal risks.

Digital Consent and Online Reputation: October 20
Please join the co-leader of the firm’s Privacy and Data Protection Group, Eloise Gratton as well as Andy Nagy, will discuss the privacy legal framework of consent and how organizations can address the challenges of obtaining consent in the context of new Internet technologies.

Global Risks: The General Data Production Regulation : October 28
Elisa Henry—co-lead of the firm’s Privacy & Data Protection Group—as well as Francois Joli-Coeur will provide an overview of one of the world’s most comprehensive and protective legislations as well as the related penalties that entities may face if they fail to comply with GDPR.

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