New privacy book dealing with the Protection of Personal Information in Québec is out!

My new privacy book “The Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector in Québec : Looking Back and Thinking Forward” published by Editions Yvon Blais and co-authored with Antoine Guilmain is out! It deals with the challenges with the Quebec private sector privacy act – with the preface authored by former privacy commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart.

It deals with the application of the law (definition of “enterprise” and territorial scope, definition of “personal information” and material scope and distinctions between private sector and public section law); consent (consent and alternatives to consent, manifest, explicit and implicit consent and exceptions to consent in matters of employment and business transactions); transparency (privacy officer, communication of personal information outside Québec or without consent. obligations to report security incidents); individuals (“reasonableness” test, individual rights and restrictions on individual rights); openness (to research, political parties and to the rest of the world); and novelty (advertising and “nominative lists”, health and genetic data).

You can purchase the book online – and electronic version will be available shortly. You can also access a French version here.

This content has been updated on March 20, 2020 at 14 h 46 min.