New book: Managing Privacy in a Connected World

Our new privacy book Managing Privacy in a Connected World (co-authored with Elisa Henry) is out!

It deals with cutting-edge technologies (AI, blockchain, connected devices, IoT, targeted advertising) and new legal risks (digital consent, cyber, competition, online reputation, GDPR, privacy class actions, etc).

This book would have not been possible without the help and expertise of many colleagues who authored or co-authored specific chapters. You will find the list of topics covered and authors:

  • Chapter 1: Digital consent (Eloïse Gratton)
  • Chapter 2: Global Risks and the General Data Protection Regulation (Elisa Henry)
  • Chapter 3: Cyber Risks and M&A Transactions (Bradley Freedman)
  • Chapter 4: Privacy Class actions (Karine Chesnevert and Anne Merminod)
  • Chapter 5: Artificial Intelligence (Max Jarvie)
  • Chapter 6: Outsourcing (Katherine McNeill)
  • Chapter 7: Handling Personal Information in connection with Business Transactions (Bradley Freedman)
  • Chapter 8: Online Reputation (Eloïse Gratton and Lauren Phizicky)
  • Chapter 9: Distributed Ledger Technologies (Max Jarvie)
  • Chapter 10: Targeted Advertising (Elisa Henry and François Joli-coeur)
  • Chapter 11: Privacy and Competition Law (Davit Akman)
  • Chapter 12: Internet of Things : Regulatory and Litigation Risks (François Joli-coeur and Edona Vila)
  • Chapter 13: Connected and Smart Devices (Ira Parghi and George Wray)

We would like to thank many colleagues for their extremely valuable research and insights. This includes: Andy Nagy (Chapter 2 on Global Risks and the General Data Protection Regulation and Chapter 9 on Distributed Ledger Technologies), Katia-Maria Medina (Chapter 5 on Artificial Intelligence and Chapter 8 on Online Reputation), Qian Hui Sun (Chapter 4 on Privacy Class Actions), Moshe Grunfeld, Carolyn Wong and Joshua Abaki (Chapter 11 on Privacy and Competition Law), and Daniel Milton (Chapter 13 dealing with Connected and Smart Devices). This was truly a team effort!

You can purchase the book on the LexisNexis website.

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