The 4th edition of Privacy in the Workplace now available for preorder

The 4th Edition of Privacy in the Workplace (LexisNexis, co-authored with Lyndsay A. Wasser), is now available for pre-order.

Our book is an everyday guide to Canadian privacy laws as they apply to the workplace, and includes easy-to-follow guidance on employers’ privacy compliance responsibilities. This edition features best practices as well as guidance on the following topics:

  • How to manage personal information throughout the lifecycle of the employment relationship, from recruiting to the post-employment relationship
  • Review of the legal framework (PIPEDA and similar provincial laws from B.C., Alberta and Quebec) as well as significant workplace privacy cases pertaining to fair processing of personal information at all stages, from collection to destruction
  • Discussion on cross-border transfers of personal information
  • Review of employee surveillance tools and practices (i.e. video and CCTV, computer, biometric, GPS tracking and wearables)
  • Data security best practices and how to respond to privacy breaches
  • Essential information on dealing with employee social media usage
  • An updated discussion of marketing and online privacy issues, including guidance on CASL
  • An updated chapter on future privacy trends

This book will be of interest to privacy lawyers, employment & labour lawyers as well as corporate lawyers who advise clients (i.e. employers/companies) on how to comply with applicable privacy laws, or to represent businesses affected by security breaches. It is also a great tool for In-house counsel and will allow them to advise their company on how to comply with applicable privacy laws in their business operations, their marketing initiatives and in the employment context. Chief Privacy Officers, HR Professionals and others who are responsible for managing personal information, and/or who are responsible for ensuring that the organization complies with privacy laws, may also find this publication useful.

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