With no global standard for data privacy, laws outside U.S. differ in scope

I was recently interviewed by CyberScout just after I appeared on a privacy panel at CyberScout’s Privacy XChange Forum entitled “Where In the World: A Quick and Easy Breakdown of Privacy Standards and Regulations”. In the interview, I summarize the breach notification regulations in Canada and discuss what should be included in a cybersecurity plan. I also discuss the recent privacy commissioner’s investigation report following the Ashley Madison security incident and what privacy regulators in Canada will look for upon a breach taking place. My recommendations include: (i) using proper, state-of-the-art technology, including encryption when transmitting and storing personal information; (ii) having the right governance framework in place, all the proper polices (it usually makes sense to have at the very minimum a privacy policy, a breach-response policy and a data-retention policy); and (ii) make sure employees are aware of these policies and that they are properly trained.

The video and written summary of the interview are available here.





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