Exploring Canada’s Top Privacy Challenges – Summary Report of the Canadian Privacy Summit 2016

The Conference Board of Canada and the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia co-hosted the inaugural Canadian Privacy Summit on April 13–14, 2016, in Vancouver, British Columbia. It brought together many of Canada’s foremost privacy experts from the public and private sectors in a wide-ranging conversation about the nature of privacy in Canada. The event was designed to help establish common ground between attendees, promote deeper understanding on privacy issues in Canada, and ultimately foster the basis for solutions.

The expert community of summit participants holds a wide range of divergent opinions and interpretations of the state of privacy and privacy legislation in Canada. While those from the regulatory community tended to be more aware of the legal penumbra and legislative failings, those in the private sector were more conscious of regulatory burdens and practical barriers to implementation. As envisioned, the summit helped these disparate groups make significant progress toward understanding how their needs and actions affect one another.

The Conference Board has recently issued its summary report. The purpose of its report is to provide information and insights on stakeholder positions, as expressed at the summit, concerning the legislative environment for privacy and data, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the Privacy Act, and emerging privacy issues. This report provides information and insights on stakeholder positions concerning the legislative environment for privacy and data, and other emerging privacy issues, as expressed at the Canadian Privacy Summit 2016.

To download the report from the Conference Board website, click here.

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