Canadian Privacy Summit 2016: Vancouver April 13-14

I am delighted to be participating at the Canadian Privacy Summit 2016 taking place in Vancouver on April 13 and 14.

This two-day summit is designed for top experts and key stakeholders in the Canadian and privacy communities, and across diverse sectors in Canada, to assess the latest developments and tackle the tough privacy issues facing Canada. Stakeholders will share their experiences and best practices to provide decision makers with innovative solutions to these challenges.

Participants at the Summit will include policy and decision makers including Chief Privacy Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Data Scientists, public and private sector privacy leaders, and Canadian and privacy regulators wishing to shape thought on privacy leadership in Canada.

Summit participant will share their insights which will contribute to a report that will shape future decisions on privacy, inform the development and implementation of current and upcoming national policies, and influence key policy decision makers on next steps.

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For information about the agenda, click here.

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