IAPP Global Privacy Summit: Washington April 5-6

IAPP Global Privacy Summit is taking place this week in Washington, and the Conference is on April 5th and 6th. I will be presenting on the topic of “Consent is Overrated” on April 6th.

Many businesses have recently received bad press because of so-called “privacy lurches” resulting from their new targeted advertising program, online business model or service. Privacy laws around the world are based on the Fair Information Practices, meant to be technology neutral and easily adaptable to new types of technologies. This means that they also provide many subjective principles (“reasonableness” tests, subjectivity around consent, “sensitive” information, etc.). Recent media coverage reporting privacy lurches are illustrating how complying with the wording of the law and getting consent is no longer sufficient: Businesses also have to deal with shifting social norms.

My presentation will elaborate on current privacy risks and challenges that organizations from all industries are facing. I will discuss how to properly address privacy concerns when undertaking innovative marketing initiatives and commercializing new products and provide valuable advice on how to make sure that an organization will not be viewed by its customers as being “creepy.”

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