In 2 words: Law + Tech Event (U of Montreal, March 15)

I will be participating at the “In 2 Words” event organized by the Chaire L.R. Wilson on March 15, 2016 at the University of Montreal.

On the first panel, Yann Joly (McGill) will present on “Transhumanism and governance: A possible connection between genetic engineering and cybernetics”, Ian Kerr (U of Ottawa) on “Robots and their Human Counterparts: How AI and Robotics Could Change Medical Practice and its Regulation”, Catherine Régis (U of Montreal) on “Should there be a legal obligation to us e-health technology in health care systems?” and Ma’n H. Zawati (McGill) on “Research Apps and Consent to Health Research: One Click Away?”

I will be presenting on the second panel (cyber surveillance) and more specifically, on the issue of Big data, business analytics and consent/privacy/ethical issues. New business models and marketing techniques are recently emerging. My presentation will discuss the challenges for businesses to ensure that their analytics initiatives comply with applicable privacy laws and consider the relevant ethical issues. I will discuss how it can sometimes be a challenge to determine at what point information used is properly de-identified or meaningful consent obtained, in accordance with the “reasonable expectations” of the relevant individuals. 

My co-panelists (for panel 2) include Paul Daly (U of Montreal) who will be presenting on the topic of “Prescribing Surveillance by law”, Pierre-Luc Déziel (U of Montreal), and Michael Geist (U of Ottawa) who will be presenting on “Now What?: Canadian Privacy and Surveillance Law in the Post-Snowden Environment”.

The admission is free but registration is required.

For more information about this event, please click here.

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