BLG’s Top 10 Legal Risks for Business in 2016

​​​​​​BLG’s Top 10 Legal Risks for Business in 2016 is BLG’s annual thought leadership report forecasting the key trends and regulatory changes that will have legal implications for its clients in the year ahead.

Many of the risks discussed are privacy and data security related. For instance, the report discusses the fact that Privacy Class Actions are on the Rise in Canada and considers it as a top risk. There is a new trend in Canada towards privacy class actions being launched following a cybersecurity breach or an improper disclosure of personal information. Indeed, privacy class actions triggered by data breaches are growing in popularity in Canada, with between twenty and thirty privacy class actions currently pending or already certified. These lawsuits follow either a cybersecurity or another similar data security breach, or the launch of a new privacy-sensitive product or innovative marketing program.

The report also lists Cyber-Sex and IT Security, Combatting Fraud in e-Payment Systems, Compliance, and Canada’s Anti-Spam Law – Regulatory Enforcement Begins as top 10 legal risks for businesses.

To access the full report, please click here (English version) or here (French version).

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