Forty hours on privacy

I will be teaching, for a fourth consecutive year, DRT-6929E-A, a privacy law course at the  University of Montreal Law Faculty. The class is offered to Masters degree students and takes place every Monday from 4 to 7pm, January 11 to April 11, 2016. I have been teaching since 2009 (e-commerce law from 2009 – 2013) and every year, I really look forward to teaching. Here’s a summary of my 40 hour privacy course:

The first class (January 11, 2016) is a class on the history of privacy laws. We will be discussing the classics:  Samuel Warren et Louis D. Brandeis, “The Right to Privacy” and George Orwell, “Nineteen Eighty-Four“. In the second class (January 18), I am planning to discuss privacy and business issues (transactions, risk management tools, privacy audits, etc.). In the following classes, we will be discussing Security breaches (January 25th), Privacy and HR (February 1st), Marketing, spam and analytics (February 8th), Right to image and reputation (February 15th), Criminal issues, futuristic technologies and big data (February 22nd), Online and mobile privacy (including location-based services, health bracelets, etc.) (February March 7th), Social media (March 14th), and Litigation, privacy lawsuits and privacy harms (March 14th). In the last three classes, students will be presenting on privacy issues and new technologies or challenges (privacy and facial recognition, drones, internet of things, robots, etc.).

Students will be encouraged to read the very best articles authored by my favourite Canadian and U.S. privacy academics: Vincent Gautrais, Pierre Trudel and Nicolas Vermeys (University of Montreal), Ian Kerr, Teresa Scassa and Michael Geist (University of Ottawa) and U.S. academics and experts Ryan Calo, Paul Ohm, Daniel Solove, Hellen Nissenbaum, Danielle Citron, Mary Anne Franks, Omer Tene, Jules Polonetsky, Jed Rubenfeld and Chris Hoofnagle.

How will students be evaluated? They will have to blog on privacy. I will post the best blogs right here. The course is in French so stay tuned for interesting French privacy blogs this winter!

To view all of the details and complete schedule for this privacy course, click here.

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