De-identification around the World – IAPP Privacy, Security, Risk 2015

I will be presenting on De-identification around the World, at the Privacy, Security, Risk 2015, presented by the IAPP Privacy Academy and CSA Congress, in Las Vegas, on October 1, 2015. My co-panelists are Phil Lee, Head of US Office, Fieldfisher and Andrew Reiskind, Deputy CPO, MasterCard.

All around the world, personal information is defined in a wide variety of ways, and so is its counterpart, de-identified data. De-identification is a key piece of every privacy professional’s toolbox, but the growing array of de-identification terms and technologies has created uncertainty and risk for companies, consumers and regulators alike. In order to bridge the gap between how de-identification techniques are discussed and how they are deployed, key questions need to be answered, including whether it is ever really possible to make data anonymous, when and where practical measures and administrative controls are adequate, and what role is there for pseudonymous data. Our panel will help privacy pros navigate technical and legal de-identification standards from around the world, with a focus on the U.S., Canada and Europe.
What you’ll take away:

  • Understand key de-identification standards from around the world (with a focus on the U.S., Canada and Europe)
  • Understand the role of both technical and administrative controls in de-identification

Link to the event: click here.

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