Practical De-Identification

I will be participating at the Practical De-Identification program organized by the Future of Privacy Forum and Ernst & Young taking place in Washington on July 9th, 2015.

De-identification is a critical element in many privacy programs, and is an important part in every privacy practitioner’s toolbox. However, the complex technical, legal, and policy landscape around de-identification can be difficult to navigate. Policy debates over the definition of personally identifying information (or “PII” in the U.S., “personal information” in Canada or “personal data” in the EU) continue, even as new technologies arise to alternately challenge and strengthen de-identification efforts. Meanwhile, privacy professionals need to take reasonable steps to ensure the data sets they oversee can be both useful and protected. 

I will be presenting on the State of the Regulatory Framework with co-panelists Maneesha Mithal, Associate Director at Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, James Denvil, attorney at Hogan Lovells, and Omer Tene, International Association of Privacy Professionals. The session will be moderated by Jules Polonetsky.

For the full details of the event or to register, click here.


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