Conference on Emails and the Law

I will be participating at an event entitled “Courriel Express. Après-midi d’étude interdisciplinaire” (Email and interdisciplinary study) taking place on may 7th in Montreal. 

The event is organized by Vincent Gautrais and Marie Demoulin (teachers at the ÉBSIin the context of the project of the University of Montreal. It can be summarized as an afternoon of interdisciplinary study around the electronic mail (entitled “Express Mail”) in which this way of communication will be analyzed from a legal and information science perspectives.

More specifically, I will be presenting at the second round table on email and law together with Dominic Jaar (KPMG) who will be discussing email and evidence and Sophie Deschênes-Hebert (LJT) which will discuss email and spam. I will be presenting on email and privacy, mostly from an employer-employee perspective.

Date: May 7, 2015

Time: 2pm

Place: Salon François-Chevrette, Pavillon Maximilien-Caron, Université de Montréal

It is free to attend but registration is required. To view the web page of the event or register, click here.

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