12th Edition Privacy Law and Compliance: Privacy at the Crossroads

Dr. Avner Levin and myself are delighted to be co-chairing this year’s 12th Edition of the Canadian Institute Privacy Law and Compliance event taking place in Toronto, Tuesday, February 24 to Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at the Marriott Bloor Yorkville, Toronto.

The Privacy field has been rapidly evolving as practitioners are increasingly having to deal with the rise of big data and informational privacy as well as workplace privacy issues. At the same time, new jurisprudence and legislation is reacting to these fast moving trends. This conference will keep you on top of the latest developments.

This conference will cover:

  • The latest developments on the new class action cases based on the tort the ‘intrusion upon seclusion’ which may revolutionize data breach litigation
  • Information sharing and disclosure post Spencer
  • A full session on CASL phase 2 ‘the computer program provisions’
  • An expert panel session on the increasing privacy concerns and what it means for data collection and analytics
  • Recent developments in cloud computing, regulatory guidance and coming international standards
  • Data Breach Remedies; The case for Cyberinsurance
  • If a data breach occurs, what are the steps to be taken?
  • Workplace privacy issues; what does a reasonable expectation of privacy mean regarding social media, drug and alcohol testing, workplace surveillance and other flash points
  • Privacy in health sciences; data analytics and health information, an uneasy relationship, and is PHIPA enough?
  • As well as detailed workshops on demonstrating privacy data accountability and defensible data destruction

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