Wind Mobile 2013 Transparency Report

Canadian national wireless service provider Wind Mobile is another organization that has recently released a 2013 Transparency Report.

Wind Mobile’s privacy policy page also includes the following statement:

Transparency Report

WIND complies with Canadian privacy law and take active steps to fully safeguard the information of our customers. At the same time we are compelled by law to respond to federal, provincial and municipal government and law enforcement agencies when they have a legally valid request ‐ like a search warrant or court order. Our customers’ privacy is important to us and that is why we have issued a Transparency Report. This report is designed to provide more details on the number and types of requests we received in 2013.

The report states that the wireless service provider has received a total of 13,056 lawful access requests in 2013, divided in the following 3 categories:

1. Customer Name and Address: providing associated subscriber information (name and address) to Law Enforcement or Government agencies when given a phone number. It has received 6,445 of these types of requests in 2013. Wind Mobile explains that after a Supreme Court of Canada decision in 2014 (R. v. Spencer), it now only provides subscriber information pursuant to a judicial order or in an emergency.

2. Emergency Response: assisting police and other emergency services in life threatening situations such as helping to find missing children, suicidal persons, or customers that have dialed 9-1-1. It has received 5,965 of these types of requests in 2013.

3. Judicial Authorization: answering requests authorised by law, including production orders, search warrants and other court orders made under the Criminal Code of CanadaProvincial Offences Act (Ontario), the Customs Act and similar laws. It has received 646 of these types of requests in 2013.

Other ISPs have released similar reports earlier this year, including Sasktel, Telus, and Rogers.

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