Top Tips to Avoid Liability for Blogs and other Online Publications

My partner David A. Crerar has recently published a bulletin entitled “Top Tips to Avoid Liability for Blogs and other Online Publications“.

Many companies encourage employees to blog or otherwise engage customers through social media. While at times providing effective means of marketing to or educating customers and would-be customers, this practice exposes those writers and their sponsoring companies to a wide range of potential liability, particularly in the realms of intellectual property and defamation. This online publication explains that while these areas of law are highly technical and complicated, and are changing every day, common sense and prudence will generally steer you clear of liability. While it is not possible to eliminate the risk of a lawsuit entirely, the bulletin provides a few high-level tips to help try to avoid a lawsuit and, in the unfortunate event that you are sued, put you in a better position to successfully defend your company and your authors. This bulletin provides useful tips for both blogging employees and webmasters.

To read the bulletin, click here.

This content has been updated on May 2, 2024 at 15 h 07 min.