BLG’s Top 10 Legal Risks for Business in 2017 includes Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

​​​​​​BLG released today its Top 10 Legal Risks for Business in 2017, which is an annual thought leadership report forecasting the key trends and regulatory changes that will have legal implications for its clients in the year ahead. The second risk discussed in this annual report relates to cybersecurity and data privacy. The 2016 Annual Privacy Governance […] Read more

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New publication on “Anonymization and Risk”

Two great U.S. privacy academics, Ira Rubinstein and Woodrow Hartzog, have released last week their article on anonymization and risk. They articulate the view that perfect anonymization of data sets has failed and that although the process of protecting individuals in shared information remains integral to privacy practice and policy, there is no clear direction for policy. Data protection […] Read more