Unlocking the value of Big data: trends, considerations and privacy risks

Big data – the collection of data sets of increasingly high volume, velocity and variety – is heralded by many as the next frontier of innovation, productivity and growth. In this exciting panel, you will learn from our expert faculty on new ways of harnessing the value of big data collection while addressing the associated privacy risks.

  • Understanding what people mean when they talk about “big data” and why it is said to be a “game-changer”
    • How does big data change the nature of information processing and the way that information is used?
  • Appreciating the increasing importance of predictive and preemptive approaches in public and private sector decision-making
    • ow will big data affect due process?
  • Balancing business benefi ts against privacy concerns and infringement
    • What are the key benefi ts of identifying client preferences and interests?
    • What are the main legal and privacy compliance challenges?
  • How to approach the challenges of defi ning “personal information”
    • At which point information relates to an “identifi able” individual and when is information “anonymized”?
    • What are the challenges when dealing with profi les?

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