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Privacy in the Workplace

This publication is your practical guide to Canadian privacy laws as they apply to the workplace, including easy-to-follow guidance on employers’ privacy compliance responsibilities. This irreplaceable guide now goes even further to provide comprehensive coverage on important topics such as crossborder transfers of personal information and monitoring employees. It also provides tools and tips for […] Read more

Developing a privacy training program for employees

While privacy policies are an important step in ensuring the protection of your organization’s data, even the most comprehensive policy will be ineffective if your employees – those accessing the data on a daily basis – do not fully comprehend or implement it. In this interactive workshop with expert practitioner, Éloïse Gratton, you will gain […] Read more


In matters of data security, a law firm’s lawyers are often the weakest link

Featured as a privacy expert Keeping clients’ data safe has always been essential for lawyers and their law firms. And the challenge isn’t about to get any easier as they face a vast and growing underground community of hackers who can readily adapt to evolving security technologies and tactics. “It’s a mammoth problem that’s being […] Read more


Les dangers des réseaux sociaux – Conseils et vie au travail

Interviewed as social media expert on the liability of employees blogging or posting content on online social networks Les réseaux sociaux sont pratiques pour se faire de nouveaux «amis». Mais ces sites d’échanges peuvent aussi être traîtres et planter un poignard dans le dos des travailleurs, qu’ils soient employés ou patrons. Une insulte de moins […] Read more